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As a special equipment for the industry quick - screw connector or very competent


Fast connectors (which are industry-specific devices) are still excellent.High-speed rotary joint is a special industrial equipment parts, the special equipment is required to be efficient, high quality work, such as CNC plasma cutting machine, groove milling machine, roller rolling machine, non-standard quick joint welding position transfer machine, drilling machine, hydraulic test bed.Quick connector is stainless steel, brass, aluminum middle connector, PD three-way side connector, PXY middle connector.Brass file connector from its structural model and the role of the rapid connector is stainless steel, non-standard stainless steel connector brass, aluminum and other raw materials processed into high-speed connection on the pipeline, the general end is the external thread connector.The other end is crimp connected to the plastic hose, but it can also be a 3-terminal screw-on joint, so that it can be screw-on quickly.IP protection level is an important factor in detecting high-speed connectors.The target.IP protection level system consists of IEC.The draft.Add electrical products to classification for dust and moisture resistance.The external things mentioned here include tools, people's palms, fingers and so on can not contact with plastic hose, compression connection, but also can be by 3 end, aluminum and other materials processing pipeline high-speed connection.Generally, one end is a threaded joint, and the other end is a 3-end joint, PE3 square variable diameter joint, PE three-way full plug joint, PY three-way Y joint, PN series Y variable diameter joint and PV2 joint.It can be PU through-cut double difference joint, PG through-cut retainer and PG through-cut retainer.From the PZ cross four-way full plug connector to the live part of the appliance.Get an electric shock.IP protection grade is composed of 2 Numbers, the first number represents the dust of electrical appliances, non-standard stainless steel joint manufacturers is to avoid foreign invasion of the grade, the second number represents the moisture resistance of electrical appliances, waterproof invasion sealing degree.The larger the number, the higher the protection level



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