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Matters needing attention in the installation of quick-screw joint


Stainless steel pipe fittings adopt high quality demand of the flat cohesion of pipes, ovality of cast iron drainage pipe diameter, wall thickness and elastic stainless steel hydraulic connector installation considerations have higher demand to the physical function of aprons, and the premise to the mouth of the watertight function is poor, therefore, in addition to the strict restraint of tubing and pipe fittings, such as the quality of ontology, high pressure flange also special attention to pipe and pipe fittings of port maintenance, butt welding elbow guaranteeing the ovality port custom connector of cutting sleeve type and flatness.During the construction of the plant, the operation procedure shall be strictly followed.The stamping elbow is specially used to fix the riser on the bearing wall of the building with the riser card at the connection of each pipe in the straight pipe device.A hanger should be installed at each joint of the horizontal pipe. In the bathroom bath room where the sanitary appliances are more concentrated, a hanger can be installed in the center of the guangdong non-standard stainless steel tee joint of guangdong non-standard stainless steel y-shaped tee if the gap between the two joints of the joint sanitary ware on the horizontal branch pipe is no more than 600mm.

Seamless stainless steel pipe fitting is a kind of long steel with hollow section and no seam around.The thicker the wall thickness of the t-shaped seamless stainless steel pipe fitting of huzhou non-standard stainless steel, the more economical and usable, the thinner the wall thickness, the higher the processing cost will be.The pipe fitting has a hollow section, which is a kind of pipeline for delivering fluid, natural gas, oil, gas and some solid substances of the water machine.Is compared with the solid steel such as round steel, seamless stainless steel pipe fittings in bending torsional strength, the lighter weight, is a kind of economic cross section steel, be in used in the manufacture of structural and mechanical parts, such as some construction work steel scaffolding, bike rack, auto transmission shaft, petroleum drill pipe, if the horizontal branch cohesion sanitary ware two interfaces on interval is not more than 600 mm, can be set up in the center of a hanger.

Strip of steel with no seams at sides and sides.Seamless stainless custom flamed joint steel pipe wall thickness, the more economic and utility, the thickness of the wall, the processing cost will be substantially increased.The pipe fitting has a hollow section, which is a kind of pipeline for delivering fluid, natural gas, oil, gas and some solid substances of the water machine.Compared with round steel and other solid steel


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