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Problems needing attention when using 304 stainless steel joint


304 stainless steel discussion according to the layout situation can be divided into: two ends open, two ends open, single way open.

1. Open and close quick discussions at both ends

When not connected: when the collar of anhui straight through transition joint matrix is moved to the other end, the stainless steel bead of the non-standard plastic joint actively turns outward, and the child body is disconnected due to the operation of the mother body and child with the influence of valve spring force, and the child body and the valve of the mother body are respectively closed, blocking fluid activity when braking. 

When the link: when the child is inserted into the matrix, the ring in the spring under the influence of the return to the original position, the ball rotation lock children closely adjacent, at the same time the mother and child valve mutual spur and open, fluid flow, o-ring can completely block the leakage of fluid. 

2, two open stainless steel discussion

Unconnected: when the parent's ring is pushed to the other end, the steel ball turns outwards, and the non-standard PU tube is removed.Since neither the child nor the mother has a valve, the fluid flows out. 

Link time: when the child is inserted into the mother, the ring is pushed to the previous position by the force of its spring, causing the steel ball to lock and the fluid to move, the o-ring in this case to avoid liquid leakage.

3, single-way open and closed hebei hexagon screw plug stainless steel discussion

Unconnected: when the parent's ring is moved to the other end, the stainless steel bead of the non-standard nylon tube rotates outwards. The child body is bounced by the counteracting force of the valve spring, and the valve can be closed actively to block fluid movement.

From the perspective of convenience, a quick discussion is presented in the flow system.304 stainless steel is discussed as a fluid connection mechanism that can be quickly connected and disassembled without the need to use something.And because of the difference in the use of the situation, it is necessary to use the difference in the material, which is necessary to use the corrosive medium to discuss the stainless steel.Stainless steel reception

Although stainless steel material is not easy to be eroded, and not easy to rust, but in order to delay their life, we should be accurate use, in the use process should pay attention to a few:

1.Grasp and discuss the value of pressure - temperature rated sichuan bendong joint suitable for quick discussion.

2.304 stainless steel discussion and sealing material to be compatible with the fluid, in order to be the synthesis of this and reliable perspective, to choose suitable for the rapid discussion of stainless steel.

3.The general flow direction is discussed from the mother to the child.

4.For systems with severe requirements for tranquility and sealing, quick discussion of body seals only do the second seal, to be installed before the discussion stop valve, as a seal.

5.When using 304 stainless steel to discuss the parent and child do not often twist, to avoid damage to the sealing ring.

6.Regular stainless steel discussion of the sealing ring to do a smooth recuperation.

7.To avoid hard foreign body balance internal discussion.If the fluid is not clean, install a filter before the 304 stainless steel discussion.

8.304 stainless steel discussion of the mother, children such as often in the state of separation, can be equipped with a shelter assembly, to avoid the entry of foreign matter.


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