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Methods and advantages of welding stainless steel joints


Welding method of stainless steel pipe fitting

The welding connection adopts the hot melt technology, the end of the pipe is processed with groove, the pipe is welded with the method of manual or automatic stainless steel joint welding and the advantage welding, and the two connecting pieces are fused to achieve the effect of connection.The welding joint with customized stainless steel has high connection strength and good sealing effect. It is difficult to reach the standard of weld gas protection at the spot welding port, which makes the weld easy to rust and directly reduces the service life of the pipeline. The installation quality is highly dependent on the technology of welding workers and the quality is difficult to be stable.In the project contacted by zhiqi company, argon-arc welding connection is still the most common connection method. Anhui non-standard stainless steel pneumatic pipe joint is applicable to a wide range of pipe diameters, sizes, pressures, etc. All of them can use stainless steel sanitary grade quick-loading u-shaped tee.

Advantages of stainless steel pipe fitting welding

Welded connection of stainless steel pipe is more safe and reliable, there is no sealing ring inside, belongs to the dead connection.Wide range of application, open installation, dark installation can be, in cold water system, hot water system are more applicable, after the installation is completed once and for all, basically no need to consider the maintenance.This type of connection has been used on copper pipes for many years, and the ministry of construction now recommends this type of connection for stainless steel joints.

(1), cost price, sales price from high to low order is: order 1 > order 2 > order 3.

(2) sequence 1-2 belongs to the field assembly type (special tools are needed), which is quick, simple and suitable for surface decoration., ningbo non-standard stainless steel sleeve joint when the rubber ring function is lost, sequence 1 can be removed nut replacement, sequence 2 should be replaced after sawing due to dead connection.Sequence 3 suitable for buried and embedded wall, of course, can also be installed.

(3), simple sequence 1 card convex type of installation is introduced: when installation needed to use custom pipe installation tool use, cixi non-standard stainless steel fast twist joint installation range DN15-50 (DN15-20) when the diameter of the pipe installation is on the outer wall of the pipe ring crush on card sets, with specialized tools (DN25-50) diameter of the pipe is installed in the pipe inner surface with tools rose out a ring type steps.

(4) simple introduction to installation of the clamping type in sequence 2: special installation tools are needed during installation, and the installation range is dn15-100. Insert the pipe into the pipe fitting and press the pipe wall into a hexagon type with special tools, and the sealing ring inside also becomes a hexagon type.

(5) welding type of sequence 3 (argon arc welding type of customized stainless steel hydraulic joint with socket) : the installation range is dn15-100. When installing, insert the pipe into the pipe fitting and melt the original reserved extension slope edge on the pipe fitting with the argon arc welding machine. It is a body welding and simple construction.(butt argon arc welding) installation range dn125-200. Align the pipe with the end of the fitting and weld with the argon arc welding machine, but use stainless steel electrode as the solder.Construction has certain difficulty.

(6) the buried pipe should meet the requirements of the same life as the building as far as possible. Therefore, the water pipe should be preferred to be connected without joints.

The service life of the stainless steel tube can reach 70-100 years, which refers to the pure stainless steel tube without other rubber rings and other materials.At the same time, the buried pipe requirements as far as possible to reduce the joint (more than a joint is more than a leak hidden danger), where high-grade construction using metal pipe (stainless steel pipe, copper pipe) mostly used welding connection.


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