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Attention should be paid in the process of using quick-screw joint


Pneumatic function pipe joint is in the pipe joint additional functional components, it is used in the pneumatic system, installation, disassembly and replacement is convenient and fast, can significantly reduce the number of system components, weight, increase the reliability of the system, reduce the system cost, save energy.

Attention should be paid in the process of using quick-screw joint

Throttle valve is by changing the throttle section or throttle length to control the flow of the valve, the throttle valve and one-way valve parallel can be combined into a one-way throttle valve.Throttling valve and one-way throttling valve is a simple flow control valve, in the quantitative pump hydraulic system, throttling valve and overflow valve, can be composed of three kinds of throttle speed regulating system, namely throttle speed regulating system of oil inlet, throttle speed regulating system of oil return and bypass throttle speed regulating system.Throttle has no flow negative feedback function, can not compensate for the load changes caused by the speed instability, generally only used in the load changes or the speed stability requirements are not high occasions.


Hydraulic coupling can bear high strength pressure, used in the hydraulic connector is different hydraulic components (pumps, pipelines, reversing valve, cut-off valve, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder, and some auxiliary components, such as liquid level gauge, thermometer, pressure gauge, etc.) together to form a closed loop hydraulic system, a connection is the function of a accessories.

Hydraulic joints are mainly divided into two categories: hose joints, hard pipe joints

1) hose joints are divided into integral hose joints, buckle hose joints, internal lock hose joints, detachable hose joints, etc

2) the hard pipe joint is also known as the transition joint, which can be divided into DIN card sleeve type, metric thread joint, British thread joint, American thread joint, welding flange, mining joint and so on.



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