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The factors influencing the service life of stainless steel joint are briefly introduced


Service life of the stainless steel pipe fittings there's a lot of factors: the introduction about the different processing methods, processing elbow, when tapping to thread in accordance with the factors influencing the service life of the stainless steel joint size, may be two taps on the end face to encounter custom hydraulic pipe fittings, the reason is that tap base is longer than the other. 

In this case, it is necessary to shorten the end face of the tap, but it may adversely affect the function of tap.It can be seen from the relation between the front and back taps and the workpiece being processed when the end face is shorted that the thread part of the tap after the end face is shorted cannot be imported into the hole normally, but is pressed by the end face

, or by the professional factory customized transition joints according to the specified size, its material for asbestos rubber board, asbestos board, polyethylene board, etc.Also useful thin metal plate (tin, stainless steel) will be asbestos and other non-metallic materials wrapped up made of metal gasket;There is also a winding gasket made of thin steel tape wound together with asbestos tape.

When it comes to the core of large flange production, we first introduce the production process of stainless steel flange, just as its name implies, chengdu non-standard stainless steel quick joint stainless steel flange is processed with stainless steel steel flange.Normally, it is made of xi 'an non-standard nozzle universal joint

.The original geometric shape of the front guide part of the customized hydraulic joint must be maintained when grinding.It is a good way to solve the long base surface of the tap is to customize the short base surface of the tap according to the specific requirements of the thread being processed.

In order to solve these problems, some users have to repair the front guide part of the tap, and repair the front guide part of the tap before and after grinding.Because the shape of the front guide after grinding will still affect the tap function.The solution to this problem is the furnace rolling mill: the furnace rolling mill consists of a reciprocating roughing mill and a 4-high reciprocating finishing mill.Two hot rolling mills are installed on the conveying lines on both sides of the finishing mill.Jiangsu n non-standard stainless steel through joint output roller usually includes a laminar cooling system and a take-up station.


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