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Stainless steel joint processing type and application range


Stainless steel pipe fittings are widely used in water engineering, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, agricultural irrigation and urban construction.For liquid transport: water supply, drainage.For gas transportation: gas, steam, liquefied petroleum gas.For structure: for driving pile pipe, as a bridge;Wharves, roads, structural pipes, etc.

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(1) the manufacturing process of non-eaton welded pipe joints and rusty steel pipe parts can be divided into the following basic categories: hot rolling (extrusion), cold rolling (drawing) shenzhen plastic joints and hot expanding steel pipes.

(2) welded pipe can be divided into straight welded pipe, submerged arc welded pipe, plate and roll butt welded pipe, and welded hot expanding pipe according to the manufacturing process.

Shut [1999] no. 143 [200 Eaton pipe belling type 2) pressure vessel pressure pipe set a total of 235 units qualification permission rule 3 quality technical and management bureau pan hair [1999] no. 143 on strengthening wen guan liquefied petroleum safety monitoring and management to inform 4 quality technology supervisor pan word [1999] no. 59 < about strengthening the management of the liquefied oil station security monitoring and notification > 5 yuan on the matter of the labor department [1996] no. 276 steam boiler safety technology supervision regulation labor department [1997] no. 74 * 6 yuan hot water boiler

(3) according to the shape of the steel tube, the Eaton joint can be divided into square pipe, taizhou PU pipe rectangular pipe, octagonal pipe, hexagonal pipe, d-shaped pipe, pentagonal pipe and other special-shaped pipe.Complex section steel tube, double concave steel tube, five-petal plum tube, conical tube, corrugated tube, melon shaped tube, double convex tube, etc.

(4) classification by use -- pipe steel, thermal equipment steel, wenzhou nylon pipe machinery industry steel, petroleum, geological drilling steel, container steel, chemical industry steel, special purpose steel, other.


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