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What are the common problems of quick - screw joint in daily use


Stainless steel hydraulic joint use common problems have what rust steel valve common faults and reasons

The common faults of stainless steel valve in the process of use mainly include:

1. Valve stem rotation does not allow Eaton welded joint to be flexible or stuck

Stem rotation is not flexible or stuck, the main reasons are: packing pressure is too tight;Packing into packing box is not standard;The stem and stem bushing are of the same material or improperly selected;Insufficient clearance between stem and bushing;The valve stem is bent;Thread surface roughness is not required, etc. 

The reasons of sealing surface leakage mainly include: sealing surface damage, such as indentation, scratch, the middle has broken line;Guangzhou stainless steel Y three way sealing surface between dirt adhesion or sealing ring connection is not good. 

3. Leakage at packing

The reasons of leakage in the packing place are as follows: filling Eaton flamed pipe joint material pressure plate did not press huzhou stainless steel T tee,;Insufficient stuffing;The packing fails due to poor storage;The roundness of valve stem exceeds the specified or the surface of valve stem has scratches, lines, hair and rough defects;The variety, structural size or quality of fillers do not meet the requirements. 

4. Leakage between valve body and bonnet

The possible reasons for the Eaton fastening joint are: uneven bolt fastening at the flange joint causes the flange tilt, or the tightening force of the fastening bolt is not enough, and the connecting surface of valve body and valve cover is damaged;Gasket damage or do not meet the requirements;Flange joint surface is not parallel, flange processing surface is not good;Poor stem bushing and stem threading causes the bonnet to tilt. 

5. Gate and cover interfere

When the gate valve is opened to the fully open state, sometimes the gate plate cannot be fully opened.The reason is that the gate installation is incorrect or the valve cover geometry is not up to the standard. 

6. The gate is not closed tightly

The main reasons for this kind of situation are as follows: insufficient closing force;Debris between seat and gate;Stainless steel valve sealing surface processing or damage. 

7. Other aspects, such as casting defects caused by sand holes, sealing surface cracks will also affect the normal use of stainless steel valve, should take appropriate measures to solve.


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