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Is the water heating joint copper or stainless steel


Citizens buy faucets, is it good to use stainless steel or copper joints?What kind of joint is more conducive to domestic water?Listen to the small editor for your analysis:

1. Stainless steel faucet environmental protection does not contain lead

Stainless steel contains no lead and is acid, alkali and corrosion resistant

Is the water heating joint copper or stainless steel

Release harmful substances that will not contaminate your source of water.Conducive to human health, hygiene, environmental protection.Copper faucets can contain lead and rust to varying degrees, contaminating your water supply."Lead-free copper" on the market means "low lead content" and is not really lead-free.

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2. The surface never rusts, beautiful and durable

Stainless steel faucet surface does not need electroplating, its surface only needs polishing its stainless steel color show, cixi full model stainless steel quick twist joint will always maintain the luster of silver white, never rust.The surface of polished stainless steel products is 10, 20, 30 years old, as long as you rub it with detergent, it is clean, bright and luxurious as new.Stainless steel kitchen products and tableware are popular all over the world.The hardness and toughness of stainless steel are more than 2 times higher than that of copper.Never rust, never corrode, never deform.Loyal to you, hundred years, never betray.The best treatment for copper surfaces is peeling electrodeposits: nickel and chromium.And the coating according to its quality, fast one year, slow 3-10 years gradually lose the surface gloss, pitting point, finally peeling, ningbo stainless steel card sleeve joint exposed copper rust, not durable.

Rare, trendy, trendy

At present domestic, foreign 99% of high-grade faucets are only made of copper.The trend for using stainless steel to make faucets is just beginning.Many domestic manufacturers of plumbing equipment have long developed stainless steel production faucets, but because of the hardness of stainless steel, toughness, casting and cutting aspects are much more difficult than copper, high cost.So only a few companies have been successful, some of them have either not been successful in the development of the eton thread sleeve joint, or have given up the development.

The environmental protection consciousness of the human being is becoming stronger and stronger.On export foreign market, stainless steel bibcock has tremendous advantage.The domestic market has great potential, such as: the introduction of aluminum plastic water pipe production line, aluminum plastic water pipe has been selling well in the domestic market.Guangzhou has a vision of building tap water that can be directly drunk.The sanitation of people, environmental protection consciousness rises greatly, promoting the development of stainless steel faucet at the same time.

4. The price is lower than the international famous brand of copper bibcock

The copper faucet of foreign famous brand that enters Chinese market at present, price from 700 yuan/to 5000 yuan/to differ only.Changzhou hui's machinery manufacturing co., LTD., and its joint distribution of the stainless steel faucet, because invented new craft, new technology, to solve the processing difficulty and reduce the cost of balance, with than brand manufacturer, with the function of copper faucet is lower price, the stainless steel faucet and joints to the market.I believe that domestic as long as the income of the stable family can afford to spend.

Based on the above factors, can predict is that as people consumption concept of healthy environmental protection strengthen, anhui all types of stainless steel pipe fittings and stainless steel faucets, pneumatic snakeskin tube series stainless steel products, such as stainless steel faucet of household kitchen equipment will appear a large number of consumer groups, would trigger a stainless steel faucets, joints, pipe fittings new trend in the field of production, consumption, the high price of copper faucet will face huge challenges in price and quality of materials.


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