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Stainless steel pipe fittings industry implementation standards


The industry standard

1) seamless steel butt welded pipe fitting GB/T 12459-2005

2) butt welded pipe made of steel plate

The industry standard

1) seamless steel butt welded pipe fitting GB/T 12459-2005 rubber joint 3.jpg

2) butt welding pipe fitting made of steel plate GB/T 13401-2005

3) butt welding pipe fitting for power station steel Eaton bucking pipe joint DL/T 695-1999

SH 3408 steel butt welded seamless pipe fittings jade ring steel pipe stainless steel SH 3409 steel plate butt welded pipe fittings

SH 3410 forged steel socket welded pipe fitting

Hgj514-87 carbon steel, zhejiang full model quick twist joint low alloy steel seamless butt welding pipe fitting

American pipe fitting standard

Seamless steel tube butt welded fittings manufactured by ASME/ANSI B16.9

ASME/ANSI B16.11 socket welded and threaded forged pipe fittings

ASME/ANSI B16.28 steel butt welding small radius bend and back bend

ASME B16.5 pipe Eaton hydraulic transition joint flanges and flange fittings

MSS SP-43 forged stainless steel butt welded pipe fitting

MSS sp-83 socket welding and threaded union

MSS sp-97 socket, threaded and butt end integral reinforced tube holder

ASME b16.3-1998 malleable iron threaded pipe

Daqo pipeline standard

Original labor ministry [1996]140 document pressure pipeline safety management and supervision regulations *

Qualification and management rules of design unit of pressure pipe for pressure vessel no. 235 [2002]

Notice on strengthening the safety supervision and management of liquefied petroleum gas station in no.143 [Eaton straight through transition joint 1999] issued by quality technical supervision bureau

Quality technical supervision boiler [1999] no. 59 on the implementation of the "notice on strengthening the liquefied petroleum gas station safety supervision and management" opinions on the relevant issues 5 original labor ministry [1996]276 article steam boiler safety technical supervision regulations *

Original ministry of labor [1997] no. 74 Shanghai full model stainless steel joint hot water boiler safety technical supervision regulations *

Original labor ministry [1993] no. 356 document organic heat carrier furnace safety technical supervision regulation *

No.154 [1999] safety technical supervision regulations for pressure vessels *

Technical code for safety in the use of hydrogen

Code for gas safety in industrial enterprises

Gb11984-1989 safety code for chlorine gas

Code for static electricity safety of liquid petroleum products

13 sy6186-1996 oil and gas pipeline safety regulations

14 sy5737-1995 safety provisions for oil pipeline transportation

15 DL/ t561-95 guidelines for water vapor chemical supervision in thermal power plants

Technical specification for safety testing of pressure steel tubes

Fire prevention, sanitation and environmental protection

Gb50160-92 (partially revised provisions 1999) code for the design of fire protection for petrochemical enterprises *

2 gb5044-1985 occupational exposure toxicological hazard rating *

Gbj16-87 (local amendment 2001) code for fire protection in building design

Gbj73-84 design specification for clean workshop

Technical principles and methods for the formulation of local standards for the discharge of atmospheric pollutants

Gb16297-1996 comprehensive emission standard for air pollutants

Gb50058-1992 code for design of electrical installations in explosive and fire hazard environments *

Gb50084-2001 design specification for automatic sprinkler system

Code for fire protection in crude oil and natural gas engineering design

8 gb50187-1993 general graphic design specification for industrial enterprises ×

Gb50338-2003 code for design of fire extinguishing system of fixed fire cannon

Safety and sanitation design regulations for chemical powder engineering

Safety and health design regulations for chemical enterprises

Regulations on environmental protection design of chemical construction projects

Code for electrical design for explosive and fire hazard environments in chemical enterprises

Specification of environmental protection design for petrochemical enterprises ×

Specification for occupational safety and health design in petrochemical enterprises


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