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The key points that should be paid attention to when installing quick-screw joint during construction


We usually in some high temperature and high pressure or inflammable and explosive occasions can see the stainless steel joints in the construction process of the key matters see the figure of stainless steel pipe fittings.The quality and reasonable use of Eaton stainless steel hydraulic joint are very important for pipeline engineering.

Stainless steel pipe fittings, especially in the pipeline, such as elbow, tee is more and more widely used in the process of construction, ningbo stainless steel joint in which the main reason is that it has many advantages, such as forming a good, strong compression performance, simple welding, corrosion resistance, etc., to ensure that the pipeline to use stress in a number of large enough.

Also because of this, especially in the process of pipeline design and construction of flammable and explosive, such as high temperature and high pressure environment both in terms of design material selection and in processing production, all the way to the construction of each step in the installation is complete, there are professional technicians, strict inspection, to ensure that the stainless steel pipe fittings in material selection, yuyao fast connection-peg stainless steel production, installation and so on all aspects of quality can reach the standard conditions of use, or in the future will appear in the process of the construction and use of inestimable damage.

With the gradual development of spinning technology, the production of Eaton joint stainless steel pipe fittings is no longer a traditional practice, but using spinning technology to produce.Due to the blockade of this technology by western countries on China, the current research goal of our country is to reduce the limit of thin spinning pressure on the pipe fitting, increase the diameter of the pipe fitting to 800mm, and develop the corresponding equipment to realize the production of large diameter pipe fitting internationalization.

Stainless steel pipe fittings mainly been used in space industry and weapon manufacture, cixi stainless steel fast twist joint and spinning process's big advantage is the ability to create a seamless hollow of rotors, the original some discontinuity, the intensity is not related to weld Eaton hydraulic pipe joints and fundamentally eliminate the problems such as weak enough.And the latest spinning equipment machine will be the previous design unreasonable place to carry out a thorough improvement, so that the production of pipe fitting more suitable for the aerospace industry, and even in many areas can see its figure, such as water supply system, oil transportation and many other aspects.


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